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Innovative Technical Competence

Founded in 2013, our range of services today includes the business units Engineering Services, Software Engineering as well as IT operations & support. In each of these business areas, we see ourselves as an innovative development partner for our customers. Whether it's a design and calculation project for automotive OEMs, the development of embedded software for electromobility or support and operation of an ERP system for retail – our goal is always the same: uncompromising quality.

• CAD construction

• Individual software

• IT operations

• Technical calculation

• Digital Engineering Solutions

• Application Support

• Software Testing

Mission Statement


As an owner-managed company, we are free to make decisions. It is not shareholder value or short-term profit that determines our actions, but the goal of sustainable corporate development. We have the confidence to be different when standard paths do not seem to us to be effective or ineffective. We have the courage to take calculable risks in order to achieve our goals and thereby further develop our company.


We strive for partnership with our employees, customers and suppliers. Mutual appreciation and constructive cooperation characterize our actions and are expected of us.

Value creation and quality

We deliver high quality at a fair price. It is important to us that the price of a product or service is determined by the cost of production. Administration, marketing and sales should play a minor role in price formation. We do not want to be the cheapest provider, but to offer a high added value for our customers.

CAD construction

From the sketch to the production data. In the age of advanced CAD programs, meta-tools and interfaces no problem. Theoretically. Provided you have designers with appropriate know-how, a strong methodology and a lot of practical experience. And how about knowledge of structural mechanics? Or manufacturing technology? Our design team combines these attributes. In addition, the will to always deliver the best solution. A solid thus acquires functional aesthetics, a Class A surface awakens emotions.

Our competencies:

• Construction of parametric-associative solids

• Construction of parametric-associative free-form surfaces

• Creation of assembly

• Creation of 2D manufacturing drawings

Technical calculation

To predict the behavior of a component, we don't need clairvoyant capabilities. Our glass spheres are the attachment functions, partial differential equations and boundary conditions of the finite element method. Starting from the finitesimal small element, we create the virtual image of structure and stress situation. All analyses in statics and dynamics are our domain. Topology optimization, lightweight construction and fiber composite mechanics are our hobby horses.

Our competencies:

• Crash simulation

• Vibration analysis

• Calculation of service life and operational strength

Individual software

Both the motivation for and the requirement for a company-specific software solution are very diverse. That's why we listen carefully when you make us understand your daily challenges. The result is a design tailored to your needs. This can then be optimally maintainable from the point of view of ergonomics and performance and economically sensible to implement, is a matter of course for our development team. After testing and verification, you get your really suitable, mature tool. Success pre-programmed!

Our competencies:

• Requirements analysis

• System design

• Implementation in numerous programming languages and frameworks

• Diagnose

• System optimizations

• Support of the complete software development process from a single source

Digital Engineering Solutions

From CAD design to technical calculation and production data for manufacturing. Modern CAx tools make it possible. Mostly. Until the one use case occurs that does not cover a standard tool. From simple automation solutions to plugins and customizations for CAx tools to the development of standalone engineering solutions. With a tailor-made solution, the small and large problems of everyday engineering can be mastered. Productivity that's fun!

Our competencies:

• Plugins and customization for CAD and CAE tools

• Automation

• Standalone Engineering Solutions

Software Testing

Delivering a software product in high quality, in time, in budget, is not successful by chance. It needs method and specific know-how. Along recognized standards (e.g. ISTQB), we install a suitable test methodology for your project. We develop validation suites, test manually or automatically with standard tools or custom-created test tools. Here, we consider the mere finding of errors in existing implementations to be insufficient. Rather, we see it as our task to eliminate ambiguities early in development, to resolve dependencies and to minimize the potential for errors. Whether classic or agile development, SAP Retail or Automotive Security - our QA experts accompany your project from requirements analysis to acceptance testing. Your requirements - our know-how!

Our competencies:

• Requirements Engineering

• Test data management

• Black Box Testing

• White Box Testing

• Business Process Testing

• Test Automation/Data Quality Management

• Application Lifecycle Management

IT operations

For the smooth operation of complex IT systems, each wheel has to reach into the other. Our system administrators support both planned rollouts of new IT systems and day-to-day tasks during ongoing IT operations. Where faults occur, they are on hand with problem analyses and suggestions for solutions. Depending on the requirements, they work on site or remotely. Our wheels fit into your gearbox.

Our competencies:

• Customer and service orientation

• Needs-based IT operational support

• Broad-based know-how

• Fast response times

Application Support

Good user support stands and falls with the knowledge and passion of the support team. Our support experts support your 2nd and 3rd level software support. They are also at your side with the service design and accompany the service transition up to the service operation. Implementing recognised procedures - such as IT service management according to ITIL - and using proven standard tools is a matter of course for us. Sovereign Support!

Our competencies:

• Service Level Management

• Service Catalogue Management

• Service Asset and Configuration Management

• Service Validation and Testing

• Change Management

• Problem Management

• Incident Management

• Service Desk according to ITIL

Staffing Solution

In an increasingly competitive world, the margins for error have reduced and finding the right people at the right time is increasingly important. At Cognitive, we understand the challenges your business face and help fit skilled professionals into roles where they can deliver success. Cognitives professional staffing team will work with your team to find the best talent. Our recruiters have in-depth market knowledge and industry experience in their chosen specialty areas and bring considerable technical and functional expertise to each assignment.

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